So long 2014

This has been an interesting year. That, perhaps is an understatement. 

So here’s my annual review of the year. 

This year 

There has been quite a bit of woo this year but a few victories as wellThe blog hit 100,000 views this year which just blows me away. Thanks to everyone who has read this stuff and put up with the typos. 

The number one spot is still the DELTA or MA post followed surprisingly by a book review about bad language. Number three is skimming and scanning and four is guessing from context. New entry at 5 is Philips Kerr’s left brains and right brains in ELT

One thing I found quite interesting is that a video I made in April about how to pronounce pecha kucha has more views than even my third most viewed post. Maybe videos are the way to go? 

This is the year where blogging, talks, work and life in general caught up with me and I realised I just don’t have enough time to do all the things I want to do. I’ve felt seriously squeezed and something has to give.  Last year I said I was going to try to write less and I managed to get from 33 down to 26 posts. I’m hoping next year this will be around 12 or so. 

In February I spoke at BALEAP, then IATEFL in April. The IATEFL talk led to six more offers of talks, an interview and other bits and bobs. Much to my amazement Philip Kerr and Mike Swan kindly allowed me to reproduce their work here. I can only hope next year is as interesting as this year has been. 

Next year 
Last year I made a resolution to start a ‘try this it works’ series but actually only managed to get one post out (well one and a half).Next year I’ll try to post a few more of these. 

This year I wrote I’d like to ask anyone who is an expert/knowledgeable in a particular field, be it motivation or vocab to get in touch. As I said earlier, it’s impossible for anyone to know everything and with that in mind I’d really like to start having some guest bloggers, particularly those who can offer teachers practical advice based on research” And I can report that thus far a grand total of ‘no one’ has taken me up on this offer. If you can help, or know someone who might be able to, please get in touch (Glare)  

Also next year i hope to try to fulfill, a least one of Mike’s Xmas wishes

I’ve spent a good deal of my Xmas reading about Chomsky, and so expect a series on him next year. Doesn’t that sound thrilling?  

Ideally in 2015 will be more videos. Watch this space.  

I also currently have 50, count them 50, draft posts. I’m hoping some of these make it to publication, such as ‘how to write better tests’, ‘is creativity teachable?’ and ‘the Nirvana fallacy’. 

Also in 2015 I will be speaking at IATEFL. This will be my ‘difficult second album‘. I’m presenting with the wonderful Nicola Prentis and I’m very excited about this because if the talk isn’t very successful I can blame her. (pretty clever, huh?) 

Hope you all have a fantastic 2015. Thanks for reading. 

7 thoughts on “So long 2014

  1. Hahaha…I was all poised to add a comment here suggesting someone who might guest post for you about motivation since I saw they have a book out with the guy I based my MA dissertation on. But, I'm not sure I will now!


  2. It's very easy to go from 50 posts a year to 1: you simply need to have another exhausting project hanging over your head like a grey cloud that keeps you preoccupied and guilt-ridden from writing anything but it.


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