2013 in numbers

Here’s the EBEFL review of 2013 in numbers.

and they lived happily ever after…

1 Article published. As in 2012 I managed to squeeze a piece into MET in 2013. Thanks to Simon Andrewes whose response to my learning styles piece lead to this article.

2 weddings. I got married, not once, but twice this year, -best to make sure.

3 Number of conferences I presented at. My first ever conference paper was in March, in Kyoto in Japanese and it was as terrifying as it was dire! I did BALEAP in April, you can see the talk here and I did another BALEAP talk in November.

4 months break from twitter. Who knew they delete your account after a month?!?! My 700 ish followers down to a mere 50, I like to think of these as the wheat, the crème-de-la-crème, the hard-core, folks like the wonderful Florentina Taylor, the marvellous Michael E Griffin, as well as many others like the secret DOS, Mura, James, PatrickLeo, Anne, Hugh, Rachel, and Tyson among many many others. I’m hoping I can get to meet some of these people at IATEFL next year.

5 the number of people who came to watch me talk at BALEAP in November. I did get nice feedback from them though, -so that’s something.

33 the number of posts I wrote this year. That seems like an awful lot.

51,000 the number of pageviews this blog has had ,so far. March was a very popular month with almost 10,000 views. It may have been my Guessing from context post which became the second most popular post on this blog. When the head of IATEFL retweeted this post, I got quite a lot of traffic too.

Too many, books I’ve bought and not had time to read. The best book was “Thinking about language teaching” by Swan. Every teacher should own a copy. honourable mentions go to Teacher Proof and Bad Education which I reviewed here,why don’t students like school” and the “myths” series, so far I have “SLA myths” and “vocabulary myths“. although I just started reading it “learn to write badly” seems like a fab read, particularly for those of you in EAP.


I hope to start a new series of posts called “Try this -this works!” in which I talk about those things we should be doing in the classroom according to the evidence. I’ve had quite a few requests for something like this and have held off, but I think I’ll give it a whirl.

Thanks for reading, -hope you have a fab 2014!

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