Yobisute 呼び捨て request

This post is a request.

Yobisute 呼び捨て:  In Japanese, the act of addressing someone without an honorific title (such as san, sensei, sama, etc) where one would normally be required. For example, a student referring to a teacher as  “Suzuki” instead of “Suzuki-sensei”

I’m trying to write something on Yobisute in Japanese with regard to foreigners living and working in Japan particularly teachers. If you live in Japan and have had an experience of yobisute, I’d really love to hear about it. It might be that you have been addressed in a way you didn’t appreciate (like the example here) or alternative that you have specifically asked to be addressed differently (like the example here) and don’t like such titles.

Either way any info would be great and if you could include details such as how long you’ve lived in Japan, your level of Japanese, etc, that would be great. If you have problems posting then please let me know on twitter @ebefl.

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